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Call Diversion - Whether you're out and about or busy, with Call Diversion you can be sure that all of your calls are diverted to you so you need never miss a call. Call Diversion is ideal for people who are always on the move. You can use Call Diversion to divert calls immediately, when your phone is engaged or not answered in a time specified by you (5 second increments between 5 and 60 seconds) When Call Diversion is activated you pay for the second part of the call - from your number to the number you have diverted your calls to. If you divert calls to a mobile phone, you'll start to be charged when the mobile phone answers, or the mobile phone network answers.

Flexible Call transfer - The versatility of our VoIP for Business service allows you to transfer incoming calls to another VoIP handset, a fixed telephone line or a mobile number anywhere in the World. This is a perfect solution for businesses with offices in more than one country. Calls from the UK can be answered in another country but your caller only pays the UK call charge to their carrier.

Hunt Groups - Organise your system so that incoming calls can be answered at designated VoIP telephones. You can advertise Sales, Accounts, Technical and Overseas telephone numbers and have them ring specified groups of phones. This feature can be used in conjunction with Virtual Numbers so that calls from various geographical areas can be answered by different telephones within your company.

Call Recording - We can store and archive recordings of all your calls, both inbound and outbound. This is a chargeable service, please contact us for further details.

Voicemail to Email- All voicemail messages received can be sent as an attached file to whichever email address you designate for each telephone. This is a great feature when travelling on business. As long as you can access your emails remotely, then you will be able to listen to your voicemail messages.

Auto Attendant - Our Voice interface offers an auto attendant feature that can be utilised by your reception or selected people. It is available for use by your businesses main reception lines and departments. All greeting prompts can be easily recorded. The auto attendant facility is designed to be used with or without a receptionist answering the inbound phone calls. It can be set up to operate out of business hours and public holidays. It can also be used as a backup to the receptionist. Time of day Programming Using the time of day feature will allow you to control where your incoming calls are delivered to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With our simple to use web interface, you can set up a regular feature so that your calls are answered off-premises after hours and weekends or a one-off instruction to send incoming calls to another telephone within the building to cover for your receptionist's lunch hour.

Voip service

Saves you cost on expensive hardware and maintenance. Keep your existing telephone numbers when moving. Free calls between offices within the network Voice over IP (VoIP) provides you with a flexible and scalable telecoms solution to meet their varying business requirements. From residential and SoHo to Corporate, with our portfolio of four VoIP solutions; VoIP Express, VoIP Enrich, VoIP Elite and VoIP EasyAcces.s

VoIP Express is a hosted single user, pre-pay solution which provides the end user with key functionality including free on-net calls, free voicemail, access to an online user portal for account management, SMS facility, geographic (01/02) or 0845 number, call forwarding, real time call data recording and much more.

VoIP Enrich is a hosted feature rich, multi user solution providing additional business class functionality including call recording, hunt groups, call queues, auto attendant, music on hold, white-label user portal, extension level dialling and more.

VoIP Elite is a fully managed bespoke solution designed to meet your customers’ specific requirements which could include third party software integration (e.g. CRM), database integration, real time on demand call recording, click to dial with on screen phone directories and more.

VoIP EasyAccess is a SIP Trunking service for clients looking to recieve a call termination solution for an existing IP PBXs.

For more information on any of our VoIP services contact our Sales Team on 0207 096 3732 or email sales@mlrnetworking.com.

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