Messaging Intelligence Solutions

Interoperable with most message transfer agents and managed security platforms, the Message Intelligence Platform never holds any content, and therefore is never at risk for any privacy breaches. This platform is the basis for the entire range of TrustVault solutions.

TrustSphere’s solutions are implemented via both its Messaging Intelligence Platform - TrustVault™ - and its TrustCloud service.

TrustSphere’s solutions employ open standards, published APIs and a variety of interface connectors for maximum deployment flexability; accommodating on-premise, cloud and hybrid architectures.

Reducing the risk of Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing Intelligent criminals have moved beyond random, organization-wide phishing attacks to highly-targeted “spear phishing” attacks in which they use social engineering to target a single individual with a lone, carefully crafted email that appears to be sent by someone the individual knows and trusts. Though this kind of “surgical strike” is virtually impossible for traditional solutions to detect since very few emails are sent, TrustVault and its Trusted Sender Recognition capabilities can accurately determine if a message has indeed come from a trusted, authenticated sender. This allows the end user to make a more informed decision regarding whether or not to trust the email. Read more about TrustSphere’s Spear Phishing solution

Combating Phishing

Though often quite unsophisticated and seemingly obvious to all recipients, organizations can still fall victim to the dreaded “Nigerian prince” and other wide-scale phishing attacks. Because the Trusted Sender Recognition capabilities of TrustVault can accurately ensure that valid emails from known senders and vetted organizations can pass through without delay, this allows organizations to increase the aggressiveness of their spam filters to catch phishing messages and prevent them from ending up in employees inboxes. It also enables administrators to lock down “quarantine” folders which further prevents phishing emails from being inadvertently released.

Preventing the Loss of Valid Emails (False Positives)

False positives occur when anti-spam filters incorrectly quarantine a valid email, often resulting in disrupted business operations, revenue loss and/or regulatory breaches. TrustVault’s Trusted Sender Recognition capabilities ensure that legitimate emails are not incorrectly blocked by anti-spam filters. Where the sender of a message is known to be trustworthy – either because the sender is known to the recipient or because the sender’s organization has been vetted by TrustSphere – it’s no longer necessary to submit emails from that sender to spam filtering, minimizing the possibility of a false positive. Read more about TrustSphere’s False Positive solution

Ensuring business continuity during SMTP DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a serious threat to organizations because the email infrastructures they rely on to run their operations are also impacted by these attacks. Substantially slowed or crashed email systems will dramatically disrupt organizations ability to function, often bringing them to a complete standstill. Organizations can effectively combat these DDoS attacks using TrustVault’s advanced Trusted Sender Recognition capabilities to build a social graph so it understands which correspondents can be trusted.

This information can be used to prioritize connection allocation so SMTP DDoS attacks to have little or no effect. As the vast majority of any DDoS attack will be performed by compromised or controlled PCs – none of which will appear in TrustVault’s database – DDoS traffic will be from unrecognized addresses and therefore only granted connections to part of the pool thereby making it possible to keep MTAs available to serve connections from known source IP addresses during the height of an SMTP DDoS attack. Read more about TrustSphere’s email

DDoS solution Defending Against Executive Attacks (Social DDoS)

A new disruptive threat has evolved, targeting the email workflow of individual executives, public officials, high-profile individuals or a key group or department within an organization. Exploiting techniques developed from social activism such as the Occupy Wall Street and the 99% organizations, supporters individually send email to a target email address. Because these emails come from legitimate senders and usually contain no spam-identifiable words or phrases, they pass through traditional defenses and can overwhelm the inbox of the intended target. TrustVault’s Trusted Sender Recognition capabilities identify email from trustworthy recipients and prioritize its delivery to your inbox. Normal workflow is unhindered by these attacks with this solution from TrustSphere.



Anti Spam Solutions

Anti Spam Solutions

Anti Spam Solutions

Anti Spam Solutions


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