Cloud Solutions

Consider this; You can access your emails' from a web browser in the office or anywhere in the world - from a mobile device to a laptop, a kiosk or someone else's computer regardless of its operating system. Imagine being able to have emails, documents, phone numbers, access to your company files, accounts and important data all based online 100% securely.

What MLR-IT is pioneering (and we have a head start to many of our competitors) is that our clients can communicate effectively via emails, phone calls and real time chat, they can send and receive documents, edit them and grant permission to whom they want and take them away just as quick and from any location in the world. Imagine if your company suffered from a fire, flood or burglary and your hardware was damaged, unusable or stolen. Think of the downtime, disruption, loss of business and your team sitting around wasting your time and money!

With a cloud solution you could send them all home to work as efficiently as if in your office, maintaining continuity and keeping your clients serviced and your business afloat, the only requirement is a reliable connection to the internet (and in some cases a backup line). So let me now ask you this, apart from physically being in the office what do you really need the office for? We like the cloud and anyone reading this should be able to imagine the possibilities and appreciate what it can do for your business and beyond‚ Server hardware, capacity, maintenance, support - forget it! Let MLR-IT worry about that.

MLR Cloud simplifies your companies' solution, whatever that may be even if it's just a few of you working out of the office, country or anywhere in the world. Everyone can - in real time - access everything they need and even if you don't have people working remotely it's still an excellent part of our disaster recovery plan as your data is archived and incrementally backed up several times a day.

MLR-IT has looked to the future as it's our future just as much as yours and what we are bringing to the table are all the important elements of any working environment including office connectivity e.g. ADSL lines, backup lines, disaster recovery lines and any other type of connectivity you possibly require!

New Cloud packages are on the way to suit all sizes and budgets, call us now on 0207 096 3732 to discuss the possibility of taking your business into the cloud! 

Savings in your budget.

How more effective would your staff be working while they travel?.

MLR buy the infrastructure.

MLR invest in the hardware and software and you just connect - simple really.

ideal solutions

Why worry about are your licenses valid and up to date or the replacement cycle for servers.

MLR worry about the hardware and software as well as the licensing for it, your company has desktops and internet access, MLR supports the servers and the backups in our data centre further reducing capital or leasing costs to your company.

Increase your productivity

We create new standards

Move your staff into a new area of working and gain productivity from them.

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