Disaster Recovery IT Services

Our combined Data Backup and Disaster Recovery guarantees to have your server back up and running within 24 hours. It is designed to be affordable to the SMB market and can cover all Microsoft Systems and Apple laptops and desktops.

Benefits of our recovery service

Attix5 Pro is a secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution uniquely designed for network efficiency, centralised management, policy-based control and simplicity of use.

Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable; it accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike. By enabling automated and secure backup and recovery of critical data both inside and outside the confines of corporate IT networks,

Attix5 Pro removes the factor most commonly responsible for data loss; human error.

Ensure your business can recover from any disaster with our IT Support and Disaster Recovery Service.


Attix5 Pro Disaster recovery



On-site Backups

The On-site Backup System holds all the incremental images of your servers. These images can be accessed and used to quickly and easily restore files and folders from any point in time.

Off-site Backups

In a Disaster Recovery situation we can utilise your server images and restore them to alternate hardware to be delivered to your location and be up and running within 24 hours.

Most common IT disasters are as a result of hardware failure. If this does happen to you it is far more efficient to have the ability to access your restored server on-site rather than remotely.

Attix5 Pro minimises risk, maximises productivity and allows businesses and individuals to regain control of their most valuable asset – their data! 

Contact helpdesk@mlrnetworking.com or Call 0207 096 3732 for full prices.

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