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Many businesses, charities and other organisations rely heavily on their computer systems. We are committed to providing you with a fast response to problems as they occur, and working with you in a long-term strategic manner to prevent most issues occurring in the first place! Need An IT Manager But Not Able To Justify Another Salary? MLR Remote IT Support provides you with a PC network support department at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT professional. We can also act as an extension to an existing in-house IT team, providing backup support and a third-line of escalation. Using remote technology we are able to access your systems from our offices providing an immediate response to your problems. Our helpdesk is operated by experienced IT professionals who have a pool of knowledge, experience and certifications to ensure you receive only the best backup support. Our engineers can be online with your staff in less than 2 minutes! Get Support Now!

We pride ourselves on the real benefits that our clients experience by using the MLR Remote IT Support service. Take a look at our testimonials for proof that it is a valuable, cost-effective network support solution.

Contact us to increase confidence in your IT equipment and for reassurance that there is someone you can trust to provide both proactive and immediate reactive support.

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